Simply go to and select the offer that is applicable to you.

  • If you are a first-time customer at one of our participating schools, we offer a launch special for 2 weeks. If you sign up for 2 weeks (10 days), you’ll get 3 days on us. Thereafter, your subscription automatically ends. If you’d like to continue after these initial 2 weeks, please sign up for our regular plan.
  • For returning customers at our participating schools, we offer our regular plan. With this plan, you sign up for a minimum of 2-weeks and your subscription will automatically continue until you pause or cancel, which you can do any time after the initial 2-week period.
    Payments will be automatically deducted from your credit card every Friday.

From here, ordering is really simple.
You choose your preferred lunch box (Omnivore Buddy or Vegetarian Buddy) and select the number of days you wish to receive your lunch box, add your smoothie preferences for your selected days (optional), create an account and proceed to our secure payment options & voila, you can enjoy hassle-free mornings soon!

Orders must be in before Thursday 8pm for deliveries starting on the Monday thereafter.

Please note that our ordering system is closed on Fridays. Orders for the following week can be placed again from Saturday onwards.