If you order our launch special, we offer the following payment methods; EFT, PAYFAST, and Snapscan.

PayFast allows you to do an immediate bank transfer. Once you place an order you will be redirected to PayFast’s secure payment gateway.
Snapscan allows you to pay via your mobile phone if you have set this up. You will be redirected to a page showing the Snapscan QR Code for you to scan, and your bank will ask you to type in your secure OTP code for additional security.

If you subscribe to our regular plan, PayFast will ask for your credit card details, and payments will be deducted from your credit card every Friday, until you cancel (with a minimum subscription duration of 2 weeks). So don’t panic if you place your order for example on a Wednesday, and you check out there is a R0 payment shown. This is because the first payment will be deducted on Friday.